Lifecycle management, accurate budget forecasting and asset optimisation are critical to any asset owner. Informed decisions cannot be made without understanding forward liabilities and the risk to business operations presented by an organisation’s assets. This strategic management function is currently either largely ignored or outsourced to external consultants.

Zuuse Sapphire gives control back to asset owners through simple, yet effective tools to allow them to develop forward-financial capital forecasts, risk profiling and control asset optimisation.


The Sapphire Lifecycle Forecast module performs analytics over the base asset information such as installation date, life expectancy, criticality, current condition, replacement costs, etc., to forecast the cost of sustaining those assets over a defined period. It includes functions to support and predict the interventions that will be required to sustain a defined minimum level of service, be that appearance, function or criticality.


The Manhattan Skyline forecast is an excellent starting point for funding planning, but invariably there is a shortfall in dollars available compared to dollars requested. Decisions need to be made about what spending to prioritise and what risks the asset portfolio presents as a result of these decisions. The Equaliser module allows the user to defer, or advance, the predicted interventions to create a plan that satisfies both funding constraints and risk. The user will be able to select assets by location or by function and adjust their point of intervention with a simple slider. Moving an intervention will dynamically alter the financial forecast skyline and flag if the deferral presents an unacceptable level of risk.


The Portfolio Dashboard provides visualisation of your asset portfolio, including maps, graphs, tables and other indicators that bring your asset information to life. View your asset condition ratings by region, drill down on condition ratings for individual sites or view your planned and unplanned maintenance ratios by site or region. This information is not limited to asset data contained in Sapphire, and can include other sources of data such as OPEX (operational expenditure) pulled from your asset management system.

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